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Adler paper

Victory Creations was an Indian company that traded in wastepaper and stocklots that had garnered a stellar reputation over 30 years within their sector but the name was synonymous with the founders. They wanted to create a brand that is distinct and has a persona that is appealing to buyers and new industries that they plan to expand in.

We worked closely with them in crafting their brand identity – starting with a new name for their business.

  • Name search and brand identity
  • Website
  • Photography
  • Exhibition display
  • Brand video
  • Social media content

Name search & brand identity

The naming process took 4-6 weeks. Potential names were evaluated based on ease of speaking, perception and the audio ring.
The category they operate in has a dearth of quality images. So we created the key visuals using 3d and image compositing techniques.

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brand video

We created a powerful brand video to match the brand persona.

social media content

Being in the B2B business, the company has a Whatsapp for Business account and is their first choice of communication. We created videos across the year for special days to increase brand recall.


In just a few weeks, Adlerpaper achieved a revamped image and identity which was reflected across communication channels.

Our understanding of their slightly complex service model let us speak to the relevant audience in a way that engaged them, leading to an increased traffic and number of leads on Adlerpaper’s website and other digital channels.