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Acuvue - Dekhte Reh Jaoge

India is one of the most under-tapped markets for contact lenses. Unlike evolved Asian markets, the adoption rate is abysmally low. To increase penetration and brand recall, we curated & executed a 360-degree campaign for Acuvue India.

The central idea of the campaign is 'Dekhte Reh Jaoge'.

This thought stems from two core insights. Firstly, when an individual removes their glasses and switches to lenses, the world can see their eyes vividly, their emotions, and the window to the soul is not hidden behind a spectacle glass.

The second insight is that lenses allow wearers to live a fit and healthy lifestyle. It empowers them to pursue hobbies, fitness and also look sharper, more attractive in certain attires. Now, women have more flexibility to apply beauty products.

  • Campaign strategy
  • Digital films
  • Website design
  • Social media management

Digital Film

For the digital film, this 60-second film depicts the range of emotions that an eye expresses - ranging from pride, focus, joy, sadness, determination and confidence - or popularly called 'Saat Ras' - the seven emotions.

We recreated the popular classic song - In aankhon ki masti mein' to tell the story of "Dekhte Reh Jaoge".

Behind the scenes

Here is the making of the digital film, shot over 2-days in Mumbai.

Behind the scenes - product shoot

Here is the bts video from the product photography shoot.


During the casting stage, we wanted to feature only those individuals who have made the switch from glasses to lenses. This lends an authentic flavour to the film, and then we created a series of real stories of the cast and their first interaction with lenses and the Acuvue brand and why they chose this brand over alternatives.


We created the website design for Acuvue India. The UI and site navigation extended the brand theme and the campaign. It serves as an ideal platform for those who want to pursue a fit and healthy lifestyle.